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Virtual Theater presents a monthly platform for artists and audiences to come together from across any distance through live performance enhanced by technology. 


The TWDCC studio is home to a new, state-of-the-art performance space built in collaboration with 

Visual Endeavors, a Santa-Cruz based design and integration firm. 



Creating Dynamic Resilience In The Professional Dancer:

A Virtual Roundtable

June 5th at 5PM PST

TWDCC’s second installment of Virtual Theater will tackle the vital question of how we, as dancers, can diversify our resiliency tactics.

Featuring TWDCC’s Founder & Executive Director Cat Willis as moderator, and three former principal dancers with the world-renowned Garth Fagan Dance: TWDCC Artistic Director and Virtual Theater Soloist, Micha Scott, Bessie-Award winner Sharon Skepple-Mayfield, and Evidence Dance’s Annique Roberts. 

We will explore what it means to develop “dynamic resilience” as a professional dancer. TWDCC Founder will explore how the panelists, through years of dancing at an elite level of performance and artistic demand, have developed techniques to maintain and nourish their resiliency. What are the tools the panelists use to get through tough periods while continuing to perfect their work and performance? 

Questions will be submitted from selected students pursuing professional careers in dance.


Streaming Live on June 5th at 5PM PST on the TWDCC Facebook Page. 

To view, click on the Facebook icon to the right. 

On June 5th at 5PM PST, click on the notification that announces the event is Live.  



a new solo work by
TWDCC Artistic Director Micha Scott

Although we aren’t having a “Collective Experience” because we are all in different parts of the world, have different pre-existing circumstances (financial, race, gender, age, health, access),  and different minds and spirits through which we are processing, we are all going through it collectively.

Collective Experience/Collected Responses entwines voices from the global community — friends, students, acquaintances, teachers, strangers — collating these responses in a musical score by Scott’s son, Solomon Scott.

Collective Experience/ Collected Responses aired on May 9th. 

You can view it and a conversation with creator Micha Scott by clicking on the video below.

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