Pre-Professional Companies

Dancers receive a comprehensive, professional-level dance education based on technical training, creative expression, and performance experience. We encourage creativity and discipline as the foundation for students’ dance experience and hold them to the highest standards for attendance and dedication to their work.


TWDCC Company directors Micha Scott and Molly Katzman

TWDCC’s pre professional program is the only one of its kind in Santa Cruz.

Our mission is to provide dancers with technical training, help them find their creative expression, and offer them performance experience. Under the direction of Artistic Director Micha Scott and Company Director Molly Katzman, we emphasize Modern dance as a foundation for technical development. Our five Youth Companies are trained with this foundation that also integrates Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz. Each dancer develops their technique and attention to detail in the various forms through body alignment, proper placement, dynamic range, artistic expression, and musicianship. Dancers focus on their training through weekly classes as well as opportunities to study with renowned guests from around the world such as Gregory Dawson of DawsonDanceSF, Bessie Award winner Sharon Skepple Mayfield of Garth Fagan Dance, and N’Jelle Gage Thorne of FuturPointe Dance Company. TWDCC Companies perform through out the year and take field trips to see professional dance companies. In addition, Company 5 dancers take a bi- annual trip to NY  for 3 weeks during the summer to study with the Garth Fagan Dance Company.

 TWDCC Companies are by INVITE only and require 1 year of TWDCC classes before consideration. 
For more information about Youth Companies contact Micha Scott at


Our entry level company for young dancers ages 5-7 yrs. 


Students train in 4 Classes/ Week:

1 Modern, 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Company class.


Company 1 Tuition: $160 Monthly 

Students in Company 2 (ages 8 and up) continue to focus on Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and are introduced to Contemporary. 


Students train in 5 Classes/Week: 

1 Modern, 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Contemporary, 1 Company


Company 2 Tuition: $200 monthly


Company 3 (ages 10 and up) is designed for students who have typically had 3 or more years of dance training and a solid technical foundation. Students continue to train in Modern, Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz and add Contemporary Jazz.  


Students train in 6 Classes/Week:  

1 Modern, 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Contemporary,  1 Contemporary Jazz, 1 Company

Company 3 Tuition: $220 monthly 

Company 4 (ages 12 and up) trains at a very high level in Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, and Contemporary Jazz and are introduced to choreographic research.


Students train in 7 Classes/Week: 

2 Modern, 1 Ballet, 1 Contemporary, 1 Contemporary Jazz, Composition Project, 1  Company.

Company 4 Tuition: $240 monthly

Company 5 (ages 14 – 18 yrs) trains at a very high level in Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, and Contemporary Jazz. Company 5 members travel to NY bi- annually to train at the Garth Fagan Dance Summer Movement Institute. 


Students train in 9 Classes/ Week: 

2 Modern, 2 Ballet, 2 Contemporary, 1 Contemporary Jazz, 1 Composition Project, 1 Company.


Company 5 Tuition: $260 monthly