Offering Worldanz with Dixie Mills!

Starting 1/10/20 Dixie Mills will be offering Worldanz classes at TWDCC!

Fridays from 4:30-5:30

Studio B

About Worldanz:

Worldanz is a local dance fitness craze that consists of carefully layered choreographed dances inspired by a variety of dance genres. The primary focus is to attain balanced, strong, and intelligent bodies through dance  that draws from both traditional and contemporary forms. We reformat the movements in order to maximize their physical exertion levels while preserving the cultural integrity of the movement. Our dances can be experienced in layers where novice movers can easily follow and feel engaged in the movement while more experienced dancers can delve into the intricacies of the form and also increase their athletic abilities. Worldanz also seeks to create a playful, creative, welcoming environment where people feel accepted and encouraged to unapologetically explore their full range of movement.

About Dixie:

Dixie Mills has been dancing since she was 5 when her mom put her in ballet classes because “she was clumsy.”  Dixie went on to earn an MFA in Dance from CU Boulder and has performed her blend of dance/theatre in places like Edinburgh, Milan, Montreal, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Santa Cruz, as well as all over Manhattan, including Joyce Soho, PS122, Dance Theater Workshop, Dixon Place and Symphony Space.  Now Dixie’s performance needs are fulfilled through comedy, and her dancing fix gets handled by Worldanz.  Dixie is pleased to offer Worldanz classes for the very first time!  At the age of 51, Dixie is in the best shape of her life, and that is, quite simply, due to practicing Worldanz.