November Special: Myofascial Release Class

  • Are you currently experiencing chronic pain that is keeping you from living your life and doing activities you love?
  • Have you experienced various types of bodywork, but haven’t achieved the results that you are looking for?
  • Are you curious about techniques that you could use at home that can support your healing in between treatments?


You will walk away from this 3-part series with:

  • simple self care techniques designed to work through fascial restrictions, reduce pain and inflammation, and increase range of motion and circulation.
  • Knowledge of how to address discomfort as it comes up.
  • Work through scar tissue and adhesions to eliminate pain from old accidents, injuries, and surgeries.

DATES:  November 10, 17, and 24

TIME: 10-11am

COST:  $85 (due at time of registration).

To register please call Jenny at 831-421-2584

Jenny Call is a John Barnes Myofascial release therapist here in Santa Cruz. She provides healing and physical relief for people in pain who are recovering from accidents, injuries, surgeries, or traumas by using a combination of hands on Myofascial Release treatments as well as teaching self-care techniques through the fascial freedom roll model class. She has been in practice since 2001 and has helped hundreds of clients work through their patterns of chronic pain so they can get back to living their life pain-free. 

Click here for more info on Jenny’s practice.