MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness at the Tannery

Find your ‘happy’

…empowering workouts | confidence-boosting | energizing | strengthening | challenging | and even relaxing.

Feel strong and fit, and the bonus: weight loss.

Classes at MINORSAN:

  • ¬†Self-Defense: FighterFit Martial Arts, Self-Defense Strategies & Skills, 8-Modules Self-Defense
  • Fitness Kickboxing: KickAeroBix and HIIT-Kick
  • Weights to music: BodyPump (weights to music)
  • Accountability Programs: Tabata Bootcamp and Get Fit Challenge
  • Mind-Body: Relaxing and Re-energizing Yoga, Pilates Mat & Pilates Barre

Your success is our focus. Your safety is our first priority, followed by the fun factor! You will leave smiling (even if it’s on the inside…).
You are welcome to join this fantastic community of awesomeness.
First class FREE: minorsan.com

Class Schedule: https://www.minorsan.com/schedule/