Creative Dance for littles 5-7 years!


Heather Wilder of Dance Wilder is offering a Creative Dance Class for ages 5-7
Wednesdays 3:3pm-4:15pm
Studio D
Class Description:

My strongest commitment in the classroom is to bring joy and confidence to my students.  Creative Dance is a gender neutral class designed for the student who is ready to participate in class on his or her own.  It is a precursor to Modern / Contemporary / Lyrical Dance where movement exploration is encouraged.  Stretches, dance technique, and learning choreography are all broken up with free dance time and dance games in-between. This makes the whole dance experience a lot of fun while learning.

About Heather:
Heather Wilder has been teaching Modern and Partner dancing to people of all ages for 26 years. In 1996, she graduated with a minor in dance from Humboldt State University. In 1999 she won the WOR swing dance championship in New York and in 2003 she was cast as a dancer in “Swing, The Movie”.  Heather’s love of dance inspired her to develop her own dance program which teaches modern dance basics with an emphasis on joy and acceptance in the dance environment.
When I consider my teaching philosophy, I think about what dance has given me.
#1 JOY! 
I want my students to have fun and love what they are doing.  I want dance to bring them joy. 
I want my students to believe in themselves, love their bodies, and appreciate what they can do.  I want dance to raise their confidence.
If I can bring either of these elements to class (and maybe slip a little technique in there too), I have succeeded!
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