American Tribal Style Belly Dance with Maya and Inna


American Tribal Style Belly Dance with Maya and Inna

1060 River St #108 (Studio D)

Tuesdays from January 7, 2020 – March 3, 2020

Level 1: 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Level 2: 7:45 – 9 PMDance portrait

For more info, visit: Shekinah Tribal Belly Dance Arts Santa Cruz ATS

ATS®, or, American Tribal Style® belly dance, is an improvisational form of dance that allows women to dance together as sisters, using a common dance vocabulary. This beautiful dance form was originated by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman in San Francisco CA, and since its inception over 30 years ago, it has spread all around the globe. The dancers learn a common language of movement that drawn inspiration from Middle Eastern, North African, Indian, & Flamenco dances. ATS® is at times slow and meditative, and at times fast, rhythmic, & celebratory. This dance builds strength & endurance, improves self-esteem, engages the life force, & uplifts the Spirit.

About Inna:

Inna has had a life-long passion for dance, however, finding belly dance represents a transformative moment in her evolution as a woman, dancer, and healer. This ancient feminine form of movement first entranced Inna in 2010, in San Francisco CA at the legendary Fat Chance Belly Dance studio, the birth-place of the now world-renowned American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. She witnessed women of a variety of shapes, ages, and backgrounds, proud beautiful bellies exposed, dancing together as empowered sisters. The room was filled with joy, pride, and the magnetic power of the feminine. Inna was hooked.

Since that moment years ago Inna has trained extensively at the Fat Chance Belly Dance studio and in 2013 completed the General Skills in ATS certification with Carolena Nariccio-Bohlman, the founder of this style. In 2014 Inna was invited to join the acclaimed ATS® troupe Persephone Dance Company, and also formed her student troupe, Shekinah, in Santa Cruz. She has been teaching and performing here since then. Inna has become known for her deeply heart-centered teaching style – intentionally creating a dance space for her students that is healing, empowering, and celebrating of the feminine.

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Photo credit: Cliff Warner