April 2020

Welcome to
TWDCC Online!

Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center’s new “click and mortar” dance studio!

TWDCC Online is a portal to weekly TWDCC dance classes, now hosted on Zoom by your favorite teachers, with a new membership system.

How does TWDCC Online work?

Check the Schedule

TWDCC Online has its own class schedule! Look over the listings to see which classes to take every week. 

See the FAQ below for more info!

Create a membership

Create a profile, then purchase the membership that covers the number of classes you want to take per week. 

This step takes about 10 minutes. 


Download the application  we use to host our dance classes online. It takes 5 minutes to install to your Mac, or PC. 

Choose “Zoom Client for Meetings”

Log in for class!

A few minutes before class starts, navigate to the Attend TWDCC Online page. Log in, note the password, click on your class title, then enter the password to enter your Zoom class.


2. Select the membership package that aligns with the number of classes that you or your child will take every week.  
*PLEASE NOTE: Teachers will be taking roll in class. You do not enroll for specific classes.*
3. Remember to write down your username and password and save it to your computer! You’ll need that info to get to class. Pick a username that is specific to TWDCC Online.
4. Click on the Paypal Checkout button in the bottom right. 
5. Choose to either Subscribe with a Credit/Debit card or log in to Paypal to complete the transaction.
6. Either go back to the Attend TWDCC Online tab, or log in through WordPress.
7. Dance!
1. Log in, if you aren’t logged in already by clicking HERE.
2. Choose Log In, then enter your username and password. 
3. This page is your TWDCC Online account. 
Go to the top left, where it says “Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center.” Hover on it, then click View Site below
4. Navigate to the TWDCC Online tab then in the dropdown menu, click Attend TWDCC Online Here
5. ***Take note of the password at the top of the page 
6. Find your class on the schedule below, then click ON THE CLASS NAME. You will be directed to the Zoom page.
7. Follow instructions for joining the Zoom meeting.
8. You will enter the waiting room: please have patience so your teacher can “admit” you to the class. 

Follow the registration steps above for each individual child, using unique email addresses and names for each child. They will each have their own account.

If they have classes at the same time, please be aware that they will each need to use separate devices to access their class. If this isn’t possible for you, email us so we can help to find a solution! 

You pay when you purchase a membership, then your membership is set to autopay one month from the sale date. 

Ex: I bought a membership on April 4th, so I will be automatically billed on May 4th, and my membership will expire on June 4th. I made two payments.

You can cancel your future payments and class access by logging in to your Paypal to adjust your automatic payment settings.  We are not offering refunds for classes missed. 

Click on the Email Us button below for help.

Email Micha at micha.twdcc@gmail.com with your child’s age, dance experience, and what genre of dance they want to enroll in. She’ll get back as soon as possible with a recommendation for an age appropriate class they can try. 

It’s all good.

Reset your password by following the WordPress instructions on the Log In page. 

Try a new class that you’ve been wanting to try!

See what’s going on in a genre you’ve never tried before. 

We are not offering refunds for classes missed. 

Sweet! Lisa will help get you set up. Email her by clicking the button below. 

We do not have SCOPE Scholarships available for the remainder of the 2019-2020 dance year. 


Dress in your TWDCC attire to attend your Zoom class.

You can take a look at TWDCC Attire here. 

On their way.

Stay tuned for opportunities to connect to your favorite teachers!


Teachers will allow 10 minutes at the start of class for dancers to sign in. If after 10 minutes, there are fewer than 3 students, the class will be cancelled. 

The students who did attend will receive a credit for a class. 

We will let you know when exciting classes come up that class credits can be used for, like Master Classes, or let you know about opportunities to drop into other classes.