TWDCC is honored and grateful for the support by the Community Foundation of TWDCC's work in our community.
Thank you for this grant and the opportunities it will create.

Community Foundation's Award Statement to TWDCC:

"Thank you for your visionary leadership in transforming lives through the arts. TWDCC has supported the professional growth of so many artists in our community. Your work provides dance education for youth and adults – empowering folks to share their creativity, culture, and stories through dance. TWDCC has brought people together and become a central hub and inspiring resource for local artists. With COVID-19 you adapted quickly to the changing needs of your artists and students. You created online classes, outdoor opportunities, and even opened your space for struggling artists to use to teach remote classes. You continue to collaborate with community partners in powerful ways and always extend your talents to help others. Thank you for your creative leadership and for centering BIPOC art, culture, and stories in your work."
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