Announcements & Upcoming Happenings

October 17th:
Self-Care Saturday!

We hosted socially-distanced classes and workshops outdoors at Chanticleer Park, including a Wellness Workshop, Soca/Zumba Class, and Afternoon Guided Hike. View the Nutrition & Wellness livestream to the right!

October 24th:
Virtual Family BBQ

We hosted a drive-thru BBQ boxed lunch pickup at Brommer Street Park, and a Virtual Perforamance broadcast from the TWDCC Virtual Theater Studio, celebrating local talent including Afro Samba Soul, Tammi Brown, DJ Sparkle (Sonja Brunner), and more. 

Food graciously provided by Lakia Queen Kia Alkebulan, Bobby Bishop of Bobby’s Can Cooking, and Sweet Bean Bakery. 

November 7th:
Soca/Zumba with Eugenia Rice

VIRTUAL Soca/Zumba class w/ Eugenia Rice
No experience necessary, open to all ages.

November 14th:
Sunset Surf with Bella Bonner, founder of Black Surf Club Santa Cruz

Sanitized surf boards and wetsuits were provided. Participants met at 38th Ave. beach, AKA 38th stairs.
Feel free to reach out to BSCSC if you would feel more comfortable with a 1×1 surf lesson at

November 28th: #StayingHome4TheHolidays with Tammi Brown

Tammi Brown and guitarist Dylan Rose play feel-good music for you to groove to at home.

December 5th:

Nutrition In the Time of COVID with Jocelyn Dubin, MS, RD

We’ve all heard the stats. Black folks are more likely to contract COVID-19. We are also 2.3 times more likely to succumb to the disease than White folks. Rather than live in fear, we can use the power of our plates to boost our immunity. In this nutrition presentation, registered dietitian Jocelyn Dubin will teach you how to incorporate specific foods and beverages in your meals and snacks to boost your body’s defenses and decrease the risk of contracting COVID-19. By the end of this nutrition video, you will know how to eat for empowerment! This workshop will be held via Zoom through the button below! Everyone is welcome to attend this class

December 12th:
Vocal Sound Healing and Meditation with Sarah Cruse

Sarah Cruse hosted a 45 minute Vocal Sound Healing and Meditation, with 15 minutes at the end for sharing and a Q&A, geared for all genders, and anyone old enough to sit still.

December 12th:
Soca/Zumba with Eugenia Rice

No experience necessary, open to all ages.

Eugenia Rice is a dance instructor and she hails from the beautiful island of Barbados, British West Indies. In this Soca/Zumba session, Eugenia will teach you the different rhythms featured around the Caribbean and the rest of the globe. This class is guaranteed to make you, dance, laugh, sweat, and leave you with a feeling of love and contentment, despite this COVID-19 and adverse times.

December 19th:
Virtual Holiday Kick-Off!

The Holiday season is in full swing and Winter Break is right around the corner! Join us for our virtual BHM Holiday Kick-Off and enjoy a stellar line up of performances. From dance, gospel, a moment of meditation and music sets, to the DJ dance after party - this lineup is 🙌🏾

We know this season of celebration is going to look different for all as we stay home and distance in our collective efforts to flatten the curve. We hope this event will keep us connected and bring your family JOY as you do so!

photos by: Kevin Pinchaud/LookoutSC

May 26th:
Commemorating George Floyd

The Santa Cruz County Chapter of the NAACP and the Santa Cruz County Black Coalition for Justice & Racial Equity invite the community to join a peaceful, socially distanced gathering to mark the 1-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police. The community gathering will be held Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 6:30 pm at the steps of the Santa Cruz Courthouse, 701 Ocean St., Santa Cruz. This event will feature speakers, spoken word, dance, music, and poetry. For additional information, call (831) 429-2266 or send an email to

When visiting Evergreen Cemetery, traditional Congolese dancer, Vivien Bassouamina and community healer, Luna Leo, were pulled and inspired by the story of London Nelson. Called to find out more about those buried at Evergreen, in their research they learned there are multiple Black people are buried in the plot surrounding London. For the third commission of Beyond the Grave, these artists have decided to honor these ancestors with traditional funerary practices through interactive storytelling and dance.


The Santa Cruz Ofrenda, a community altar space honoring the legacy and impact of historically marginalized groups on the history and development of our shared Santa Cruz community. This project was initially ideated as a response to the National conversation around police violence reignited after the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Under the auspices of the Black Health Matters Initiative, we seek to erect this sacred space as a location for community healing, community safety, and community education. We originally chose the clocktower to honor the original site of London Nelson’s store, which, through his financial contributions, was able to save the School System and people of Santa Cruz in the 1840-60s.The Ofrenda has been moved to the MAH’s atrium because of weather.

TWDCC would like to thank Luna Bey High John, lead curator and culture bearer for the SCC Black Health Matters Initiative for her vision and creation of this beautiful honoring of our community and ancestors. We also thank all of the artists for their dedicated time and care for our community and for sharing their art on this project: Tahtahme, Ooli Crowbear, Irene Juarez-O’Connell, Kellee Matsushita-Tseng.

Thank you! And thanks to our partners: Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center + Santa Cruz County Black Health Matters Initiative,  The MAH, City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Equity Project, Sean McGowan, Jessie Bond, Santa Cruz City Arts

Juneteenth is a special day for anyone who believes in freedom and equality for all people. Join us for music, poetry, dance, delicious soul food, arts & crafts, basketball skills contest, and the annual sack race!

This year's theme is LIBERATION!

July 18th:
SCC Black Health Matters X NIN: Garden of Eden

Negus In Nature and SCBHMI will be working to provide safe and fun experiences for those to enjoy nature comfortably. 

Healing with Horses
Learning Horse History + Dinner/Campire Real Talk Discussion

Aniko Millan says:

“What incredible power we feel when we lay a hand upon the muscled neck of these great beasts…yet it is our strength that these gentle giants seek to calm their naturally fearful minds and racing hearts. Horses are used in therapy for the truly cerebral connection that they can make with us when we present an open heart and mind for them to feel safe. This 55 million year old species now domesticated for 5000 years, the HORSE thrives with both tender love and clear direction from us or otherwise be scarred for life or leave scars without meaning to. Don’t be intimidated by them. Be there for them and they will reciprocate. By watching, listening, teaching and leading the horse, we find the very same calm, harmony and peace that they ask of us. Come and enjoy the magical healing HORSE.”


Drew Muse began her yoga journey in 2010 to treat her scoliosis and reduce anxiety in school. multi-certified yoga instructor and meditation guide, she hosts wellness events and teaches classes in Oakland + LA. She’s also an instructor in various fitness apps and works as an ambassador for wellness brands. Combining her love of wellness, community, and creativity all in one place. @bodybendyoga

Taj Leahy presents

Black History Month Film Series

Happy Black History Month!
Welcome and thanks for joining us.
I created this film series to highlight Black Excellence in film. The original intent was to have this be an in-person community event but that’s alright. We can still have a great time! Every Thursday in February we get to kick back and enjoy a feature film and have a little chat about each one. The idea being what some would call, “edutainment.”
All the films have their own weight and feel and cultural relevance.
The Wiz, a musical, is a profoundly creative endeavor with an incredible cast from Michael Jackson to Richard Pryor and Dianna Ross.
Bamboozled is a funny and at times heartbreaking film with a socially critical lens from none other than Spike Lee. Prepare to laugh and cry at this one. Also from Spike Lee, Malcolm X played by the incredible Denzel Washington, chronicles the life of a sorely misunderstood character from American History. This crucial film is worth every minute of its considerable length. Seeing Malcom X portrayed this way is a must for all people regardless of race. He was truly an American hero and his story is a story of love.
Lastly, we’ll end on a high note with the incomparable Black Panther. This movie is and was a cultural phenomenon. Its import cannot be overstated. A truly entertaining and inspiring film Black Panther shows us what Afrofuturism is all about. “Wakanda Forever!”
-Taj AKA Father Taj

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