Adult Program – Now Online!

How do I attend Online Adult Classes?

1. Look through the schedule below. To PAY and REGISTER, click on the button that corresponds to the date you’d like to take that class. 

***Register early! Sales for each class end 30 minutes before the class start time.

2. 30 minutes prior to your class start time, you will receive a Zoom Invite emailed to the email address that you used in your Eventbrite checkout.

***You are responsible for checking all inboxes of the email address (spam, social, and promotional folders) that you used to purchase the class.


3. A few minutes before your class starts, open the Zoom link in the Eventbrite email. Enter the password provided.

Zoom Dance Class Etiquette

  • Register and arrive for your class early! 
  • Keep your mic MUTED until the teacher asks for questions. 
  • IF your teacher tells you it is their preference, use the Chat feature to ask questions. Otherwise, wait until they ask for questions to unmute and ask yours. 
  • Use hand signals to indicate what you need instead of un-muting yourself. Thumbs up and thumbs down work!

Adult Class Online Offerings